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LightYear Docs was founded by a group of financial services professionals and lawyers headed up by Grant Abbott, who saw the opportunity to bring its big law firm technology to accountants, financial planners, advisers and other professional thereby saving time, increasing compliance and reducing costs.

BGL is now integrated with the LightYear Docs platform allowing you to send the data and documents to CAS 360 with the click of a button. 



To connect CAS 360 and LightYear Docs


1. To integrate CAS 360, click My Integrations from the drop-down menu in the top right-hand corner of your LightYearDocs dashboard.


2. Once loaded, click CONNECT next to CAS360.


3. Once you click on Connect, it will route you to the BGL API. If you are not already logged into CAS360 you will need to enter your login details. 


4. You will then need to confirm the integration authorisation. Click Authorise to complete the integration.


5. You will then return to LYD and will be notified that the connection is successful. The disconnect button will now show next to CAS360. Only click this if you want to remove the integration. 



Send Companies to CAS 360


1. Select My Companies from the drop-down menu in the top right-hand corner of your dashboard.


2. This page will display a list of your client folders which contain any one of the LYD company documents (once completed). Select a client folder to expand and display the company you would like to create on CAS360. 

If the company is still pending with ASIC and no ACN has been provided, it will say PENDING under the ACN heading. Once the ACN is available, the ACN will populate and you will be able to select "Create on CAS360".



3. You will then be prompted to confirm this action.


4. If the company has been created successfully, a successful notification will appear. It will also provide you with the option to return to Lightyear Docs or proceed to your CAS360 account.





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