Form RA51 - Request reprint of registration certificate

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From the Main Toolbar, go to Company.

From the Company Screen, select Company Registrations Screen_Shot_2019-02-20_at_2.06.22_pm.png

 Click Screen_Shot_2019-02-20_at_2.16.10_pm.png and select Request Certificate Besides the company Registration.


The Request Certificate option will only display when the Lodge button shows as either Pending or Awaiting ASIC Validation AND the company registration must have been processed using CAS 360


This form is used to request the Certificate of Registration for a company registration.

In some instances, users are not receiving the Certificate in CAS 360 as it has been collected somewhere else or there are ASIC connection issues. Due to this, the company registration status will display as "Awaiting ASIC Validation".

The RA51 Request reprint of registration certificate allows users a tool to force the receiving of the certificate of registration in CAS360.



The Company's Australian Company Number. To find the Company ACN, use the log into ASIC connect.
Click to lodge the Form RA51.
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