Company Name Reservations - Unregistered Companies Form 410

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A Form 410 can be lodged to reserve a company name to apply at some time in the future. This name will be reserved for 2 months. A reservation is not required prior to changing a name.


From the Main Toolbar, go to Company.

From the Company Screen, select Company Registrations  
 Select Name Registrations

Click Screen_Shot_2019-02-13_at_4.48.58_pm.png



Select Company Name Reservation

Field Explanation
Proposed Name Input the name to be reserved
Is the proposed name identical to a registered business name? Select Screen_Shot_2019-02-13_at_4.51.02_pm.png If the name is the same as an existing business name select this option. You will be required to enter the ABN of this business
Company Type  Types of companies include Small Proprietary, Large Proprietary, Public Company, Registrable Body and Foreign.
Company Class Your selection here is dependent upon the type of company being loaded into CAS 360
Applicant  Select a Signatory
Would you like to flag the proposed name for manual review by ASIC? This option is used to ensure a member from ASIC will physically review the incorporation documents for the application. SelectingYesOption.png  will enable users to enter a reason the application should be manually reviewed

Click Screen_Shot_2019-02-13_at_4.53.11_pm.png

Forms Prepared

  • Form 410 - Application for reservation of a name


To lodge the Company Name Reservation, in the Company Name Reservation screen, next to the company name, click

CAS 360 will display the ASIC Electronic Name Reservation Declaration


Toggle  to indicate that the information provided complete and correct.

Enter your ASIC Agent's Digital Password and click

Name Reservation Expiry date

After the Company Name Reservation has been lodged and accepted, use the Name Reservation Screen to manage the Name Reservation expiry date.

In the Expiry Column, CAS 360 will specify the days til the reservation expires


Name Reservation Extention

Before the name reservation expires, the name reservation can be extended.


See, Company Name Reservation Extension for Unregistered Companies - Form 410

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