Setup CAS 360 using ASIC Portal

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If you are new to BGL, use the getting started wizard to set up your agent and connect to the ASIC portal. CAS 360 will automatically create and set up all companies that are attached to the registered agent. 

Let's get started

CAS 360 will give you access to your companies anywhere, anytime and on any device meaning, you can connect with more people more often.

Sign into CAS 360

To log in to CAS 360, follow three simple steps:

  1. Go to the CAS 360 Login Page.
  2. Enter your Username and Password


    In order for staff, clients, users and others to access CAS 360, an invitation needs to be sent, containing a username and password to the individual which will be required to access CAS 360. A valid email address, which will become the username, will be required to complete the invitation.  


  3. Select Login.


Set up CAS 360 using ASIC Portal Instructions

From the Main Toolbar, go to Company Company.png
Select Getting Started image2016-9-28_9_32_27.png

The Welcome to CAS 360 Page will display


Select ImportingDateFromASIC.png

To start the process enter your ASIC details. This step will also create the agent in the CAS 360 Settings.

Agent Name Enter your ASIC registered agent name
Agent Number  Enter your ASIC Registered Agent number
Address Line One  Enter your Address
Address Line Two Enter your Address
Suburb Input your Suburb
State Select your State
Postcode Input your postcode
Select image2016-10-7_14_18_41.png

Next input the Default Agent Signatory. This person assigned will be used to sign all Agent Forms in CAS 360.

First Name

To complete the process, input the EDGE Agent Details. If you do not have this information, please contact ASIC.

EDGE User ID  Input your User ID.
EDGE Password Input your Password.
Password Date Input the date when the password was issued.
Select Start Importing! CAS 360 will now lodge an RA61 as well as an RA71 on your behalf. CAS 360 will begin to automatically add any companies associated with your Agent details.

Data Automatically added to CAS 360

The following information from the electronic data download (RA72) will be automatically entered into your CAS 360 database:

  • Company Type
  • Company Class
  • Company Sub Class
  • Incorporation Date
  • Registered Office Address
  • Business Office Address
  • Ultimate Holding Company (if applicable)
  • Current Directors' and Secretaries
  • Current Members' Balances

Review the following data received once uploaded into CAS 360

It is important that you review the data received from ASIC for completeness and correctness.

Not all company information is provided in the electronic data download and this should be input through data entry.

  • Adding previous names
  • Input principal activity
  • Add address where registers are kept
  • Add tax data
  • Add company charges
  • Update trust information
  • Update the transaction date for all shareholding
  • Input the beneficial owners (if applicable)
  • Input any historical company data that you wish to keep in CAS 360
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