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Migration instructions

migration tool has been built in CAS Desktop that fully converts your selected companies to CAS 360. This tool automatically migrates all data for all companies selected.

Migrating a company from CAS Desktop to CAS 360 can be done in these quick and easy steps: 

CASLite and CASLite + Users

Both CASLite and CASLite + users can follow the below instructions to migrate to CAS 360. The term CAS Desktop can be used interchangeably with CASLite or CASLite + for users migrating from these subscriptions. 

Review Migration Requirements

Before you can use the Migration utility you need to ensure:

  • You are running the latest version of CAS Desktop;
  • You have access to the Migration utility. This is accessible for Supervisors only. 

Access the Migration utility in CAS Desktop

Open CAS Desktop. From the CAS Explorer screen, select Introducing CAS 360.

The Introducing CAS 360 window will open. Select the Migrate icon to open the utility. 

Link your CAS Desktop to your new CAS 360 Firm

A migration tool will display, prompting you for the Migration Settings. Enter your CAS 360 credentials (Firm, Username & Password) that will be provided to you by BGL. Click Save.

(If you need to re-enter these details at a later stage, select the Hammer and Spanner icon in the Migration Utility tool).

Locating your credentials

1) Short Firm Name - This will be provided to you in your initial invitation email to CAS 360.

2) User Name and Password - This is the username and password you use to log in to CAS 360.

Run a Validation Check

Select the companies you are migrating to CAS 360 and then select Run Validations.

Note: To select all companies, use the select all icon


The Migration utility will run a check to confirm the correctness of the data being migrated.  

What happens if you receive a validation error?

A validation error will appear if a particular piece of company information needs to be corrected. These errors can be:

  • Automatically resolved by CAS Desktop on screen;
  • Manually resolved on screen by you;
  • Ignored and the migration will proceed (only for optional corrections).

Refer to Validation Checks for assistance on resolving the particular error(s) that you receive.  


Select your Company(s) from the Company selection screen and select Options

The options will define how the migration process handles the company's Client (Company Info | Other data | Client, CAS data)

Migrate to CAS 360 

Select your Company(s) from the Company selection screen and select Migrate Companies.

Note: To select all companies, use the select all icon


We recommend marking companies that you do not want to migrate as non-current clients.

This will ensure that you do not accidentally migrate the wrong company

To mark a company as non-current, have the company selected.

Company Data | Other Data | Client, CAS Data

Untick Current Client?

CAS Desktop will now migrate your selected companies to CAS 360. 

The Migration will continue to run as long as the migration tool remains open.

Confirmation of successful migration of companies to CAS 360 is confirmed by receipt of the following message:

You will now be able to log into CAS 360 and view your Companies.

What's next?

  • Company Documents from CAS Desktop will be Migrated to CAS 360. It is mandatory to keep the migration utility open until migration has been successfully completed. Depending on the size of your database, this may take several hours/days. 
  • Review the Post Migration Checklist for companies once loaded onto CAS 360 to make sure the company information is completed. 

Additional Icons

Icon Explanation
Migrate to Existing Companies

Select a company and then select Migrate to Existing Companies if you are required to re-migrate:

  • Documents
  • Tax Data
  • Dividend Data
  • Trusts

Run Validations Select Run Validations for CAS 360 to apply a validation check prior to migration to confirm the companies selected can be migrated. Refer to Validation Checks for more.


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