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CAS 360 now allows you to send SMS reminders to your clients.

 From now, all upcoming document deadlines, un-returned annual reviews and outstanding amounts owed to ASIC reminders can be sent via SMS to your clients. 

 Included in the SMS is a link to the document or invoice in question, allowing your client to easily view this document.

 Best of all, your client is able to reply to this via SMS, their response will come directly back into CAS 360. This gives you the ability to have a real-time conversation with your clients about the document or invoice in question.

Send notifications for outstanding ASIC debt and Document Deadlines

From the Main Toolbar, go to Company.


From company selection screen select the Company Debt Alert (or Document Deadline Alert) and select Send Reminder.
Select Send via SMS
Toggle any Invoice to be included as an attachment in the reminder email  
Select the SMS Recipient
To send a notification click Send.

Hover your cursor over the Company Debt Alert, CAS 360 will provide a summary of the outstanding debt. CAS 360 will also display the Annual Review Due Date for the company.


If a reminder was previously sent, CAS 360 will track and display the date when the last reminder was sent.

Your firm can set up a range of SMS templates allowing you to tailor your message to match your client type.

When Recipients reply to SMS messages

The Messages screen also allows you to view all SMS client conversations, giving you full transparency about who sent and received messages about important upcoming deadlines.

 CAS 360 users will receive a notification when SMS messages are replied to

To view and manage SMS Messages

From the Main Toolbar, Select Messages


Select the SMS Messages.
Option Explanation

Display the SMS Message that was sent and the email addresses the email was forwarded too.

In the View Mode, type and click Send SMS to send further messages and correspondence with the recipient.

SMS Messages via the Documents Screen

The Documents screen in CAS360 has been enhanced to show all documents you have sent SMS reminders for and all messages related to that document can be viewed with the click of a button.


From the Main Toolbar, go to Documents



Option Explanation

The View SMS icon will allow users to view and reply to SMS messages sent via CAS 360

If multiple recipients were selected for the SMS reminder, users will be flip between the correspondences of the different recipients.




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