Cleardocs Integration - Company Registration

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CAS 360 now supports integration with online legal document provider Cleardocs to allow a seamless transition from incorporating a company to managing its compliance in CAS 360.

When incorporating a company using the "Company Registration" document pack from Cleardocs, you will be able to export the details of the company to CAS 360 to start managing its compliance without needing to re-enter any company details.

Exported information

The following information is exported into CAS 360 when registering a company in Cleardocs:

  • Company Details:
  • ACN
  • Company Type and Class
  • State of Incorporation
  • Company Addresses
  • Officers
  • Contacts for Officers are created in the Global Contacts screen
  • Shareholdings
  • Share Class
    Contacts for Shareholders are also created in the Global Contacts screen

For more details on what information is sent to CAS 360 using the Cleardocs integration, please contact


Once the Company Registration document pack has been ordered in Cleardocs, you will be able to export the information to CAS 360.

  1. Ensure you are in the My Documents screen accessed via your account settings in Cleardocs.

  2. Select the document package to view the details for the ordered package

  3. Click Export company details to BGL CAS 360 under BGL CAS 360.

  4. A login page will be displayed. Enter in your CAS 360 credentials

  5. Authorise Cleardocs to access the listed data for each company by clicking Authorise.

  6. Confirm that the details have appeared in CAS 360 by selecting the company in the Company Selection screen and confirming the details

More information

For further queries about the BGL CAS 360 integration with Cleardocs, please contact the Cleardocs helpline on 1300 307 343 or via email on

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