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CAS 360 will revolutionise the way you work, in fact, you will wonder how you ever lived without it. Simplify your life with automated Annual Reviews, Document Deadline and Company Debt Alerts.

CAS 360 Alerts are designed to replace all the manual processes firms use to manage Annual Review dates, Document Deadlines and Company Debt.

With CAS 360 you no longer need to manage extensive spreadsheets or spend the entire day going through and processing emails instead of focusing on managing your corporate affairs. CAS 360 will simply automate all of this for you.

Send reminders for all alerts to your clients notifying them of fast approaching deadlines all from CAS 360. Stay on top of all reminders by viewing when the last reminder was sent. This can be done simply by just hovering over the alert.

History of sent reminders

All reminders sent from CAS360 will appear in the Outbox screen. From here, you can view all reminders sent for a company.

Annual Review

Each day CAS 360 will automatically check for Annual Company Statements with ASIC.

The Annual Review alert will light up:

  • 3 days prior to the Annual Review Date – advising the user that an Annual Review is expected
  • Once the Annual Review has been received – advising the user that an Annual Review for the company can be found in the Review screen.
  • Once the Annual Review date has been passed without receiving an Annual Review – CAS 360 users will be notified if an Annual Company Statement has not been received

The Annual Review Alert is based on the annual review date entered for the company in the General Details screen.

Document deadlines

360 will alert CAS 360 users when a document deadline is fast approaching.

The document deadline alert users of:

  • Lodgement Deadline in 14-8 days
  • Lodgement Deadline in 7-1 days
  • Lodgement Due today
  • Lodgement Overdue

When any of the Lodgement Deadline alerts appear, CAS 360 users have the ability to send an email reminder to the company officers advising them of the deadline. The Deadline alert dates are calculated for ASIC forms, such as the form 484, as the date of the change plus 28 days.

Company Debt

CAS 360 will automatically lodge a Form RA67 each morning for every agent. This will check all outstanding debt for all of the companies your firm is the agent for. Companies with any outstanding debt will activate the company debt alert.

The Company Debt alerts are broken up into the following categories:

  • Credit with ASIC
  • Future Debt
  • Debt now due
  • Overdue Debt

Similar to Document Deadlines when any of the Company Debt alerts appear, CAS 360 users have the ability to send an email reminder to the company contacts advising them of the outstanding debt.

The reminder has the option to include an ASIC debt invoice for the recipients to processes their debt payments.

Users can easily refresh the debt balance in the case that debt payments have been processed during the day and also download a PDF copy of the Company Debt Invoice.

By hovering over the alert, CAS 360 will give users a breakdown of the outstanding debt. It will display any future debt, amount due and amounts overdue by 0-30 days, 31-60 days and 61-90 days. The alert will also display the Annual Review due date which is calculated as 60 days from the annual review date entered into the General Details screen.

Annual Review Deadline Alert

CAS 360 will alert CAS 360 users when an Annual review fee for a company is fast approaching.

The Annual Review Deadline alert will alert users of when an annual review fee is:

  • Due within 30 days
  • Due in 14-8 days
  • Due in 7-1 days
  • Due today
  • Late

When any of the Annual Review Deadline alerts appear, CAS 360 users have the ability to send an email reminder to the company officers advising them of the deadline.

To activate the alert, when preparing the annual review documents, in the document production screen toggle Track the annual review via the document deadline alert

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