How to correct mistakes on a form lodged to ASIC - Supplementary Form 492 / 902

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How can I amend or correct information to a form that was already lodged to ASIC?


Prepare and lodge a form 492 or 902.

A form 492/902 can be prepared to correct information lodged on Forms:

  • Form 201 - Application for registration as an Australian company
  • Form 203 - Change to Address
  • Form 284 - Cancellation of shares
  • Form 304 - Change to Officers
  • Form 316 - Annual Return
  • Form 484 - Company Changes
  • Form 485 - Solvency Statement

Information to correct may include (but not limited to):

  • Address discrepancies
  • Incorrect name spellings (e.g. correction of shareholder name)
  • birth date details
Form Type Explanation
Form 492 Used in cases where the company or registered agent has found an error and wishes to notify ASIC of the error
Form 902 Used in cases where the company has been asked to lodge a correction to ASIC


From the Main Toolbar, go to Documents


Locate the document for which a correction is needed.

Beside the document, click 

Note: Users can also click at the top of the Documents screen to prepare a free-form 492/902 for documents that have not been lodged in CAS 360.

Select Form 492/902

IMPORTANT!!! This option will only be available if the document status is set as lodged via CAS 360.
Field Explanation
ASIC Form The form type.
DOCIMAGE No The DOCIMAGE system is ASIC's database which contains all documents received by ASIC which are scanned and retained in an electronic form. Documents lodged with ASIC are then given a DOCIMAGE Number. If a document is lodged with CAS 360, this number will be automatically saved in the Documents screen.
Date Date of the original document.

Is this form in response to an ASIC requisition?

Select if ASIC has requested a correction to be made.

Select if the company or agent has found an error and wishes to notify ASIC of the error.

Details of Correction Enter the corrections that need to be made for the company.


Forms Prepared

  • Request for Correction - Form 492
  • Notification of Supplementary Information - Form 902
  • Supplementary Document Resolution/Minute
  • Meeting Minutes

Lodging the Supplementary Form 492 / 902

Form 492 can only be lodged electronically if the original Form was lodged electronically with CAS 360.

See How to Lodge Documents Prepared to ASIC

If the Original Form was lodged outside of CAS 360, Form 492 will also be required to be lodged manually.

See Lodge Documents via Email to ASIC

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