How to obtain a digital certificate from Symantec

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How do I get a Digital Certificate from Symantec?


Lodging particular ASIC forms electronically requires ASIC agents to register a Digital Certicate.


Forms that require a Digital Signature Password: 

  • 201 - Incorporating a company
  • 410 - Company has no ACN and is reserving the name

A digital certificate is an electronic file that proves a user’s credentials when doing business or other transactions on the Web. It contains the user’s name, a serial number, expiration dates, a copy of the certificate holder’s public key and the digital signature of the certificate-issuing authority so that a recipient can verify that the certificate is real.

Digital Certificates can be purchased from the following link:

  1. Enter your firm's ABN into the ABN field and click Begin

  2. Symantec will outline the Account and Certificate Pricing. Click

    Gatekeeper items Explained
    Gatekeeper Account Once off set up fee to register your firm's ABN as a Gatekeeper account
    Gatekeeper Manager Certificate The Digital Certificate required to lodge certain ASIC forms with CAS 360. CAS 360 users will need to purchase 1 certificate every 2 years to continue lodge these ASIC forms.
    Standard Gatekeeper Certificate Any additional certificates needed by the firm in the 2 year period. Majority of CAS 360 users will not need additional certificates. Users that have more than 1 CAS 360 licence will need additional certificates for each licence they wish to use to lodge certain ASIC forms
    Gatekeeper Device Certificate Certificate required to send EDI messages. This is not required for CAS 360
  3. Symantec will confirm your Firm details as displayed in the Australian Business Register. If the ABN details are incorrect, update your details on the Australian Business Register before continuing. Click 

  4. Follow the process to set up your new account. You'll be asked to provide:
    • Your contact details (name, business address, phone, email); and
    • Payment of the Account Setup Fee using a credit card, or optionally using company purchase order or cheque.

  5. Once complete, you'll be sent an Account Setup Guide that will instruct you on the next step. This will require you to prove that you represent your organisation by sending Symantec some documentary evidence, such as a letter addressed to your organisation from the Australian Business Registry or Tax Office.  the process for first time Manager Certificates can take up to 6 working days following the setup of the DigiCert Gatekeeper Account.

    The documentation required can depend on your organisation type. The Account Setup Guide is personalised based on your information, so be sure to follow the steps outlined there rather than rely on the general information presented here.
  6. Once Symantec has received and processed your documentation (and purchase order/cheque if applicable), Symantec will approve your new account and notify you via email.


Once users have purchased and received their Digital Certificate, the certificate will need to be Registered with ASIC using CAS 360. See Form RA53 - Authorise X590 Certificate

Also, those lodging Company Registration forms are required to have an Edge/ECR Direct Debit Account

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