How to add or edit an email address

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To add/edit an email to an existing contact in CAS 360 follow the steps below:

From the Main Toolbar, navigate to Contacts.

  1. Locate the Contact from the list and click on the Contact Name to edit.

  2. Click and select Email.

    If an Email Address has already been added, click on the email address. Screen_Shot_2019-07-12_at_11.44.37_am.png
  3. Input the Email Address

  4. Once the Email has been added, click 
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  • How can we add more than one email address?

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  • Hi Tamara, Thanks for your comment.
    Currently, we have a limitation that only one email account can be stored against a contact.
    I have passed your feedback onto the development team and included this as a wishlist request.

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