Acis Integration

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CAS 360 now supports integration with one of Australia's largest business investment structure and restructure providers. Acis is trusted by professional advisers to outlay their market leading system with expert scrutiny of every transaction.

Acis integration with CAS 360 saves time and cost.

  • CAS 360 data is loaded directly into your Acis orders
  • Upload companies and documents into CAS 360 from the Acis portal
  • Submit bulk constitution upgrades in seconds using CAS 360 data

Integration Guide

Connecting to CAS 360

Log into with your Acis username and password and connect to your CAS 360 by selecting the Integration tile. If you are new to Acis, you can complete a Client Registration via that page.

Using CAS 360 data in Acis orders

CAS 360 company and contact data may be loaded directly into Acis orders, including bulk orders for company constitutions. Documents stored in CAS 360 can also be loaded into your Acis order as required.

Upload companies and documents to CAS 360

All companies registered through Acis are available for uploaded to CAS 360. Unique identifiers built into the integration avoid duplication of existing CAS 360 records. Documents prepared by Acis can also be uploaded to companies in CAS 360.

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