Electronic Signing using DocuSign

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This integration allows forms and documents to be digitally signed in CAS 360 using DocuSign.

DocuSign replaces printing, faxing and scanning documents with the easiest, fastest most trusted way to make every approval and decision digital.

Check out the online training course available in the CAS 360 Learning Channel, Digital Signing in CAS 360 powered by DocuSign.

DocuSign Setup 

For firms that do not currently have an active account with DocuSign, please contact your BGL Account Manager on 1300 654 401.

If you are currently using DocuSign, please follow the steps below to enable DocuSign in CAS 360.

Before being able to send documents for digital signing, users must ensure their account still has remaining envelopes on their DocuSign account. For more about envelopes, see Docusign help.
Please note the account type has to be Advanced Solutions that enables API and Embedded signing features.

Enabling DocuSign in CAS 360

Before you can send documents to be digitally signed using DocuSign, you need to enable this feature in CAS 360 under Settings.

From the Main Toolbar, go to Settings

Select Electronic Signing Settings

From the Electronic Signing Settings screen, select Go to BGL Integrations


Select the Integrations tab at the top right hand corner of the BGL API screen


Select the Digital Signing tab


Select the Gear Icon in the DocuSign box. 


Select Connect to DocuSign 


Read the Prerequisites, and select Accept


You will be redirected to the DocuSign website where you will need to input your DocuSign account credentials.

Once your details have been confirmed, you will be taken back to CAS 360.

For firms that do not currently have an active account with DocuSign, please contact your BGL Account Manager on 1300 654 401.

The status will then change to active.

Document Production

With DocuSign enabled under Settings, in the Document Production screen, additional options will be available.

Next to any document that can be digitally signed, you will be able to see the Digital Signing icon.

Click on the icon next to a document to disable digitally signing for that document.

Ink signatures will then be required for the document.

A icon will also be available to allow you to view the signatories that have been selected for digital signing for each document.

If you need to change the signatory for any of these documents, you can click on Options next to the document to select a different signatory.

The number of documents that have been flagged to be signed using DocuSign will display at the top.

To send the documents to the selected signatories, select Send All.

Selecting Download All will only save the documents on your device and not send them to the signatories.

The CAS 360 outbox stores all outgoing email messages that have been sent from CAS 360. From the outbox, you will be able to view, resend and track the delivery of all emails forwarded from CAS 360.

See Email Outbox for more information.

Document Deadline and DocuSign

In the Company screen, the Document Deadline Alert, will include the DocuSign link

When the user clicks on send reminder, CAS 360 re-send the whole DocuSign pack as it was sent originally.

Users can also use the Document Deadline Alert to track the digital signing status.


From company selection screen select the Document Deadline Alert
Click Send Reminder

Flag  beside the document to view which signatories have yet to digitally sign the document.

Digitally Signing the Documents

Each signatory will receive an email to review and sign the document.

For instructions on how to digitally sign a document with DocuSign, please refer to the DocuSign website.


A notification will pop up whenever a signatory has digitally signed a document.

Once all the signatories have signed the document, you will receive another notification with a View and a Lodge option.

Users will also receive a message in the Email Inbox when documents have been digitally signed

Documents screen

When a document is sent to be digitally signed using DocuSign, the status in the Documents screen will be set to

Once all the signatories have digitally signed using DocuSign, it will change to

Under Options | Attachments, you will have two copies of the document: the original PDFs that were emailed from CAS 360 and the digitally signed documents as a PDF. The certificate of completion will also be attached.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can any CAS 360 user enable DocuSign?

A user that has access to Settings can enable or disable DocuSign.

Is there any significance which DocuSign account enables the DocuSign integration?

The DocuSign credentials used will be the DocuSign account which is charged for digital signing.

Users are also able to log into the DocuSign website with this account and manage the signing documents.

How can I disable the DocuSign Integration?

From the Main Toolbar, go to Settings, navigate to Digital Signing Settings, and select Disable DocuSign.

The cost to integrate with DocuSign?

BGL does not charge for the integration. However, your firm will need a DocuSign subscription.

What Documents are supported in CAS 360 for digital Signing?

All documents can be signed except the Office Occupiers Consent and the Form 362.

What if directors share the same email address?

When directors have the same email address, digital signing will still be supported by CAS 360.

The email address will receive separate emails which will be addressed to each director for signing.

How to change add an email address in CAS 360?

Check out the CAS 360 Help on how to Add an email address to an existing contact

How does the user decline a document for signing?

When in DocuSign, click on other actions and select Decline to sign.

Can I send a reminder to only the directors who have not signed?

    Users can send reminders through the Document Alert.

Refer to Alerts for more information

This reminder will not resend the link for the officer to access DocuSign to sign the document.

Can you delete a signed document?

Documents Signed by DocuSign can be deleted from CAS360.

In the Documents screen, besides the document click options and select delete.

Documents deleted from the documents screen cannot be restored

How are joint contacts in CAS 360 handled when digitally signing?

Joint contacts in CAS 360 are able to digitally sign by having each representative of the joint contact required to sign a form.

For more information on creating a joint contact, please refer to How to create a joint member

How long are DocuSign documents valid for after being sent for digital signing?

DocuSign envelopes last approximately 999 days for documents created in CAS 360 from 5pm, 25 November 2020 onwards.

Documents created before 25 November will be valid based on the expiration date in your DocuSign settings. (see How to adjust the Document expiration date? below for more information)

If after this time period has elapsed, all signatories have not signed the documents, DocuSign will void the documents.

If the documents have been void by DocuSign, the documents in CAS360 will display their status as "DocuSign Failed".

How to adjust the Document expiration date?

Users can adjust the Document expiration date from DocuSign. Log in to DocuSign

Under Settings, select Reminders and Expiration


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  • Hi, does the signatory require an account to sign the document? Or will they just be able to click the link and go straight to signing the document?

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  • Hi Beverley, only your firm will need a DocuSign account. Once integrated the signatory will simply click a link and follow the prompts to sign the document pack.

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